About Us

Industry leading security and facilities management solutions

MSS Security and Facilities Management has specialised in offering bespoke security solutions and facilities management packages since 2011. We work with various city councils throughout the UK and several large and multi-national construction organisations as well as delivering security solutions to schools, private estates, construction sites and business premises.

Now considered industry leaders in the field of CCTV installation and monitoring, MSS Security and Facilities Management recognised the shortcomings of manned guarding and value of high-tech monitored CCTV to protect buildings and construction sites across the United Kingdom. Our security solutions do not require any set-up or installation fees and our clients simply pay a monthly fee for a fully operational, serviced, monitored security system.

Peace of mind – security solutions

All MSS Security and Facilities Management sites are continually monitored ensuring all alarms are responded to immediately. Any intruders or trespassers’ are tracked, audio warnings are given and key holders, authorised personnel and the police are contacted. Following an incident a report is generated and feedback is given to all clients.

MSS Security and Facilities Management develops, designs and improves their systems continually and now offers turnstile access, time-lapse photography and fire/smoke detection, alongside offering the opportunity for all our customers to log into our web portal to view their property in real-time.

Save time and hassles – FM packages

The MSS team has a depth of experience and understands that when it comes to maintaining a premises, managing multiple contractors can be challenging. Our all-inclusive soft facilities package has been carefully developed to save time, money and hassle, with services across a range of areas, including access control, concierge, cleaning and general maintenance. See our all-inclusive package.